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Effective 09/29/03
NOTE: I am NO LONGER SELLING Sherline Products!
Because I believe Sherline offers the best equipment for clockmakers that your dollar can buy I will continue to post as much information as possible in hopes that it will help you when and if you decide to buy. There are many different Sherline dealers up on the web offering some great prices but not all offer much info about the products so please feel free to read up on Sherline here and then shop around for the best prices. Also note that due to the many pages of Sherline info I have here there may still be shopping cart order forms scattered around which I haven't had a chance to take down yet. Any orders that may come in are deemed null and void after 09/28/03. Again I AM NO LONGER SELLING SHERLINE PRODUCTS but I still Highly Recommend their products and their excellent service. They're great people!
Also: Sherline will have a price increase on all of their products effective 10/01/03. I am trying to list their new prices up here but it may take a few days before everything is updated. I cannot be held responsible for any errors in pricing or any other information. It will be a few days after the price increase before everything is updated.

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Please note that although it's rare, Shopping Cart errors can and do happen at times. If a pricing error does happen on your order I will contact and notify you of the error before following through with the order. If an error does occur I am in no way obligated to fill the order at the mistaken price or description. Also, all Prices are subject to change. If your order does not reflect the change you will be contacted and notified before your order is processed.