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The following are testimonials from Sherline. I'm looking for some testimonials from those of you that have used a Sherline Lathe or Mill on any Clock or Watch related projects. So if you have anything that might be of interest up here please email it to me at

SHERLINE Machinists Talk

In industrial, educational and hobby use, Sherline machinists talk about their tools

Phil Mattson at work in his nautical models shop. Though hard to see in this low-res photo, a Sherline lathe is on the bench behind him.

"I have been using my Sherline lathe and milling machine for five years, and they have become an invaluable part of my model shop. The variety of attachments offered make it possible to accomplish just about any machining operation on a wide range of model work.

The model ships I build are scratch built and require accurately machined parts (i.e., gears, pulley, deck guns, winches, port lights, antennas, hinges, etc.). I have machined parts from many different materials, such as aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, wood and plastic with excellent results. Both machines are strongly built and accurate. I am consistently able to hold tolerances of .001" and, with care, .0005".

I highly recommend Sherline machines."

Phil Mattson, Master Model Builder

As a first project to get the feel for his new lathe, David replaced the plastic handwheel handles with custom turned aluminum handles.

"I received my Sherline 4400 lathe a week ago. It is my first lathe. I do have experience with
standard workshop hand tools and also a drill press. I am building an airplane (Van's RV-8A, so I am working with aluminum sheet and angle regularly, but this is my first experience with turning or a lathe. After looking at a lot of information on the web I decided on Sherline - mostly because of the excellent information on your web site.

For my first project I decided to turn new handles for the feed handwheels since the plastic pieces were easily
replaceable. Using the instructions with the lathe I learned simple turning, shaping, tapering, boring, and
parting. After a few tries and a lot of quick learning I was able to create these in just a few hours."

David Kumhyr

"Having worked with a manual 10" lathe for a few years now I didn't see how such a small machine could work with the 2" diameter material I was hoping to work with. Well, after using it for a week and a half it has surpassed my wildest dreams of usability. It is more powerful than I ever would have suspected, it leaves a beautiful finish and is highly accurate. The machine has worked so well that I am not only using it for prototypes but for a small production run as well!

Jordan Blessing, President
ScopeTronix Astronomy Products

"As administrator in charge of McDonald Douglas' MD-11 rework crew, we had a need for a small, accurate metalworking lathe. We chose the Sherline lathe for its ease of operation and accuracy. Now, ten thousand bushings of aluminum, titanium and stainless steel later, this lathe still holds .0002" tolerance.

This small machine has performed like a giant, greatly enhancing the scheduling, and it has added to the knowledge and skill level of much of our work force. Thank you for a fine AMERICAN product!"

George Cochran, Administrator

"I own eleven lathes, including four different miniature, precision or watchmaker's lathes. My Sherline is one of the best and most useful of them."

Alan Walmer, Machinist

"I have finally completed my self-inflicted teaching assignment of building five of Rudy Kouhoupt's Stirling engines, and they even work! It has been very rewarding accomplishing this project, and I have learned enough at this point to make other small devices and parts for my camera equipment that would have been impossible to obtain anywhere. The ability to make metal parts and thread anything I want any way I want are advantages I always knew existed, but I never thought it would be so much fun! I wish I would've gotten into this game long ago, I could have saved a lot of time and aggravation repairing stuff, and I've missed a lot of enjoyment too.

In our work we go into machine shops quite often to do photographs, and I always thought that good quality machine tools had to be big, heavy and very expensive, and that a person had to have about a hundred and one years of training before they could do anything with them. Well, curiosity finally forced me to call for more information on your products, and, as I looked through the pages, I began to understand that one might not have to be a master machinist to use your products. I have since purchased the deluxe mill, rotary table and many of your other products and accessories and am extremely pleased with how well they are built and how well they function. I would like to thank you for making these fine products that actually work in the professional and precise manner for which they are designed, for pricing them so people can afford them and, what may be the most important, for promoting learning and skills."

Tim Schroeder, professional photographer

"I own a small machine shop doing contract work for a major corporation. We use the Sherline lathe in a winding capacity in conjunction with a much larger machine. This system has been successful using Sherline equipment to the point where a multitude of machines have been purchased over the years."

Larry Rubido, The Machine Shop

"Our business is the restoration of older (1897 through 1974) gasoline carburetors and the fabrication of parts for same. Most of the work is "one-off" in nature. We have been using a Sherline mini-lathe for a number of years, and we recently purchased a Sherline mini-mill. We are able to fabricate virtually any non-casting carburetor parts such as venturi, fuel valves, jets, nozzles, throttle shafts, choke shafts, throttle plates, etc. The machines are quite easy to set up for "one-off" jobs and flexible enough for nominal repetitions. Meeting original blueprint tolerances is no problem using the Sherline mini-lathe and mini-mill."

Jon Hardgrove, The Carburetor Shop

"It sure is nice to have capabilities that I never had before. I didn't mind paying machinists, but I couldn't find anyone to do prototype work, and if I did, some of what I needed was so simple that they encouraged me to buy a small lathe or mill and do-it-myself. Your machines and accessories keep these jobs simple so I no longer have to beg people to do these small jobs which are critical in the scope of what I'm trying to accomplish.."

John Ulaszek, Ultra Security Group

"We wholeheartedly agree with Joe Martin's quote from Tabletop Machining -'Often engineers feel that their education has left them shortchanged when it comes to real, practical knowledge of how machines and machinists actually go about working with metal.' At TCU, we are trying to change that. We have a teaching lab full of Sherline lathes and mills and have used them to teach our students (during the school year) and high school students and teachers (during the summer). They have been ideal for teaching since they are precision tools that the students find easy to use.

Also, our research and development projects often require small custom parts. Our Sherline equipment has allowed us to fabricate our parts quickly and accurately. We have all enjoyed using them."

Steve Weis, Associate Professor
Texas Christian University, Department of Engineering

"I have made several very small parts with ease on your equipment that would have been very difficult to impossible on my full-sized equipment. Your products are definitely a very worthwhile addition even to someone that already has a complete conventional machine shop."

John E. Curlett, Consultant

"I received my order today and all I can say is, 'Wow!' This has got to be the coolest thing I have ever bought. I haven't stopped playing with it since I walked in the door at 4:30 pm and it is now almost midnight. No dinner, the dog is still waiting to go outside and my wife is wondering what the heck all this stuff is all over the kitchen table."

Dave Albert, Custom fishing reel maker

"I am a professional model builder of thirty years. I specialize in building working models of miniature oil field equipment. I have used my Sherline lathe and milling machine for four years and find it to be fine equipment, well designed and built for what it is intended.

My Sherline equipment has assisted me in manufacturing miniature pump heads, pump shafts and cam work for my oil rig equipment. I highly recommend American made Sherline equipment."

John White, Professional Modeler

"I can't imagine why I waited most of my adult life before finally purchasing a mill and lathe, but that's what I did! Part of my problem was finding a good quality machine that wasn't huge in size and yet was capable of maintaining good, accurate tolerances. Well, a friend of mine who manufactures state-of-the-art ducted fan jets has both the Sherline mill and lathe. During a ten-year period they worked flawlessly, and he is elated with them. I visited him, got my hands on the mill and lathe and placed an order the next day."

Dave Grainger

"My steam engines are machined from castings to a tolerance of .0005". they are not toys, but precise requires a precision tool to do this. Sherline does it best--for far less than the $2000 to $5000 industrial machines. Sherline is compact and portable as well. An added bonus are the accessories available for special jobs."

James Horvath, M.D.

"I have purchased one of your lathes from our local hobby store, and I would like to say that it's nice to see such a fine built piece of machinery. I know I made the right choice when I chose Sherline, and I sure will tell anyone looking for a lathe to look your way."

William Reeves, Hobbyist

"I would like to say that I consider Sherline tools to be by far the best of the small machine tools—not just the best buy, but the best. I have been in engineering since 1945 in the U.K and Canada, and for the past 12 years have been a professional model maker specializing in miniature models. I reckon I am the world's leading maker of collectors' model aircraft. (1/200 is the collectors scale.) I have used just about all the small machine at one time or another, and used Unimat machines for years. I find that with Sherline tools I can work faster and to tighter limits than with any comparable machine, and that the machines are a delight to use—far more "user friendly" than others. In fact, I would say of the Sherline that no machine selling for that price has the right to be that good. Finally, I rate your book, Tabletop Machining, as the most informative of all model engineering handbooks."

C.A. (Tommy) Atkins, professional model maker

"I own a small business that manufactures parts for old fountain pens, and find the Sherline lathe and milling machines to be invaluable. They are both extremely well made and the many attachments are reasonably priced.

I have been using these tools for about four years without any problems and can highly recommend them."

Peter Amis, Business Owner

"Your lathe has made it possible for us to complete the assembly and fabrication of many intricate parts that are critical to the function of the special machinery that we design and produce. In fact, the machine was used so much that we practically wore it out! Anyway, we are definitely satisfied with your company and its service to us. We probably will be buying the new series this year to accommodate and enhance our Small Tool room."

Richard Proud, Engineering Company President

"I received my Sherline Deluxe Mill and accessories today. I have only "played" with it for a few minutes with an end mill. Wow!! What a fine machine!! I cannot find words to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase. I received a precision machine, a multitude of accessories and instructions for hundreds of dollars less than the next closest mill I could find--for just the mill with no accessories.

I am extremely pleased with my purchase and look forward to the near future when I can purchase a Sherline lathe and more accessories for my mill. Thank you for making such a fine product. And, I have to add that I just read yet another glowing recommendation for your product from someone on the Internet."

Thanks again,
A very, very satisfied customer,
Arden Howell IV

"I know that I made the right choice to go with Sherline Products. The build quality and accuracy of your machines not only impress me, but also your level of service that backs your great products. In a world of fast food, disposable items and nonexistent customer service, Sherline is a breath of fresh air. It's like going back in time to when people actually took pride in making a quality product and backed it by reputation."

Kent Ochiai

"I bought Sherline machines because of their reputation for quality and because they offered such good value. I have not been disappointed on either score."

C.T. Atkinson


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