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Sherline Chucks

Sherline 3-jaw, 4-jaw and drill chucks offer a convenient way to hold parts and tools. (Click on photo for larger image.)

Three- and four-jaw chucks...

Three-jaw and four-jaw chucks offer a quick and convenient way to hold a workpiece while it is turned on the lathe. A chuck can also be clamped to a mill table to hold a part for milling. Drill chucks are used to hold drill bits. Sherline manufactures our own chucks to a high degree of precision on CNC machines. The jaws are ground and fitted to each chuck by skilled technicians to assure maximum accuracy.

Three-jaw chucks are normally used to quickly hold round or hexagonal stock. The jaws scroll together as the ring of the chuck is turned. Parts can be held quickly with relatively good accuracy. Runout is less than .003".

Four-jaw chucks have jaws that adjust independently. They are used to hold round, square or rectangular work. Since the jaws adjust independently, it is possible to achieve perfect centering of the part with proper adjustment. This process is more time consuming than using a 3-jaw chuck, but it offers the most accuracy.

The Sherline chucks above are available in 2.5" and 3.1" diameters. The jaws are reversible for a larger clamping range. Soft (unhardened) jaws are available as an option. Our chucks normally come with a 3/4-16 internal thread for use on Sherline spindles, but other threads are also available to fit different small machines.

Also available is a self-centering 4-jaw chuck. It is adjusted like a 3-jaw chuck and can be used on round or square stock, although the stock must be accurate for all four jaws to grip properly. They can be used to quickly hold square material or to provide an extra jaw to spread out the crushing force when holding thin tubing. This chuck is available only in the 2.5" diameter.

Drill Chucks...

Sherline's drill chucks are made in the USA by Jacobs. We supply a #0 Morse arbor for use in the tailstock for center drilling. The chucks are also available with a #1 Morse arbor and drawbolt for use in the headstock for drilling on the lathe or mill. They are available in 5/32", 1/4" and 3/8" sizes. Runout is .003" or less. If runout of less than this amount is required, collets should be used to hole the drill rather than a chuck.

Choose a Chuck...

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3-Jaw Self-centering chucks

4-Jaw Independent-jaw chucks

4-Jaw Self-centering chuck

Drill chucks

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Lathes can now be purchased packaged with chucks and other preselected groups of accessories. See the page on PACKAGE DEALS. Save time and money by buying a package.





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