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For those who are wondering whether clock repair is a suitible candidate for a good part or full time homebased business I must say that I can think of no other trade which can be started for less money, that offers such great potential for immediate profit and is more enjoyable and rewarding than clock repair and restoration. The demand for good clockmakers has probably never been greater. I know of literally hundreds of clockmakers who work from their homes, some in very remote areas, and some of whom are backed up more than a year with repair work. I encourage you to call any clock shop and ask what their turn around time and average price is for the repair and restoration of an average American or European antique clock. Not only will you receive a lofty estimate but you'll likely be an antique yourself by the time it's returned to you.

Hi Bob this is Tim,
     .....when I talked to you last you said to send you a picture of my shop that I am going to rent. I haven't worked out the details for it yet but wanted to send you a reference if anybody buying from you wanted to know whether Clock Repair is a viable business to get into. Well Here's What I think. You can use this on your Website if you want. I ordered Bob Tascione's DVD Course with the intent to start my own business. I was in College at the Time and my parents back home said, you won't get any Clocks in. I live in a very rural area in the Midwest, but thought a few here and there would pay some bills. I watched the DVDs, and worked on some relatives Clocks, and some that I bought at local Thrift stores, got them to work, and put up some brochures for Clock Repair at the supermarket. Within a week and a half I had lost track after 50 people had taken brochures, sometimes I had to put more out the same day! Within this time frame I had more work than I needed. People even called asking if I also did Watch Repair. I haven't ordered the Watch Course yet, but will now after getting many calls for that also. I now have a Full Time Clock business which I started in January with the Brochures. It is now April, 3 months later. I just got done fixing 2 Cuckoo Clocks which equals $150.00 today, around 5-6 hours time spent no supplies just labor which is on the low side nationwide, but again I live in a Rural area. So is Clock Repair a Viable business? I would say so, if you live in a big city with other repair men it should have more than enough work for all. Not enough Clockmakers in the Country, we need more. I am now backed up over 6 months. It's a little known trade with a Big demand. This is 100 percent true, every single word. By the way my parents were very Surprised, they now tell me this is the right career for me. Haven't advertised since and the calls keep coming in. Bob keep up the good work.

P.S. I have called Bob Tascione several times, he has answered any questions I've had. He is very friendly and helpful. A great guy. I have not been paid for this Testimonial, just want to let people know how confident I am about this Business
                                                                                                   Tim Woessner...Detroit Lakes, MN

It's not difficult at all to learn the basics of clock repair. If you're mechanically inclined and enjoy working with mechanisms you'll find clock repair easy and fun to learn. This Online Course (has everything the DVDs had and MUCH more) will guide you quickly through enough basics to enable you to do the most common repairs encountered in pendulum clocks. But you will continue to learn from every clock you work on. The almost endless variety of striking and escapement mechanisms makes each new repair unique and fascinating.

Whether you just want to tinker with clocks as a hobby, preserve a small piece of history, repair your own collection or start a business repairing and restoring clocks, this down to earth VERY low cost Online Course will get you going.

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