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This course wasn't designed to stretch the learning process out by requiring examinations and work to be sent back and forth through correspondence. This is one way to make a course appear as though it's much larger than it actually is. When a lesson is set up in this manner the student's often given a tiny portion of the total information at a time and is then given busy work along with question and answer sheets to give the illusion that the course is worth far more than it's true value. This isn't always the case. There are some forms of instruction where testing the student is necessary, i.e. paralegal courses etc. Often times when a particular explanation just doesn't seem to make sense, it will suddenly be made perfectly clear by moving further ahead into the videos. For this reason I actually recommended jumping ahead in the videos. This would be impossible if the information were portioned out in small sections. You will also have access to the new members forum where you can interact with other students.

     ..... I have really enjoyed your videos on Basic Clock Repair and Learn to Turn Lathe. The animation is excellent!! It really helps to understand the concepts being presented.
David Wendt.....Arizona