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Animation, Animation,Animation!

If you want to learn clock repair but don't know where to start, this course is for you. With the aid of tons of Vibrant Color 3D Computer Animation you'll learn in just a few minutes theories and strike set-up techniques which often stump the novice. The Animation alone took over 1600 man hours to make with the entire course taking 13 months to complete. That was a tough and grueling year but it was well worth it. I would never have invested this much time and money if I wasn't certain it was essential to your understanding this trade. It WORKS! Ive been repairing and restoring Clocks and Watches since my teens (I'm 57 now), restoring some of the most amazing and complicated timepieces in the world and made my first horological training video over 20 years ago. Experience counts, in fact you would never expect to learn anything in clock or watch repair from someone that hasn't been working full time at this trade for many years. I feel that it's my responsiblity to find the most effective techniques to pass this knowledge on to you as quickly and effectively as possible. I knew from experience that video works extremely well, in most cases far better than written material ever could but it does have its limitations or barriers. I realized that the full benefit of my experience couldn't be passed on to you by video alone. That's where Computer Animation comes in. With animation we can finally break through those barriers. You can strip away those parts, such as clock plates, and still have the mechanism moving completely unobstructed by static parts and components. It's a bit like having everything made of clear glass except for those parts you want to see...only far better. It's pretty tough to see what's going on between the plates with just camera shots. There's just too much in the way. With the animation you're right in there. Everything's moving in sync. Say goodbye to charts and drawings. Now with everything Online the animations are actually INTERACTIVE! You'll move through the plates of the clock, around moving gears and levers, over and under dead beat and recoil escapements. The animation along with crystal clear camera work makes this video series a pleasure to watch. We'll clean and oil a clock, change mainsprings by hand and with winders, straighten escape wheel teeth, discuss pendulum weight distribution theory through the use of demonstrations and animation, bush worn pivot holes with and without a bushing machine, cover both countwheel and rack & snail striking and warning theory through animation like it's never been covered before, use a beat amplifier and timing machine, polish pivots on a lathe and much, much more. This course is also filmed using 3CCD Digital Cameras. A 3CCD is a professional camera which offers far superior color separation (no blur) and clarity than the consumer type digital cameras. They're very expensive but a definite "must have" for professional quality video work. Hope to hear from you!.... Bob


Frames from Animations


NEW  Watch a Video Clip Now of some Clock Course Excerpts.



NEW  Watch a Video Clip Now of some Clock Course Excerpts.
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