Wrist/Pocket Watch Repair Course

"IMPORTANT NOTE: I am no longer selling DVD Courses...Everything that was on the DVDs and much more is now Available Online at much lower prices"

"Hi Bob..... You should pat yourself on the back for having the best watch repair program on the net out there. It is nice to see someone that doesn't demand a fortune to share their knowledge and love for their hobby and livelyhood".
                                                                                                            Ken Vanderhamm    Cedar Rapids, Iowa


The Tascione Watch Repair Course consisted of 5 info. packed DVDs and the course manual "Watches and Why They Work" All of this content and more is now available in the Online Watch and Ultra Course. This course was designed for the person who would like to learn the dying art of mechanical watch repair but doesn't have the time or funds to attend a traditional watch repair school and has discovered how difficult it is to learn from books and diagrams alone.

The course manual describes, through the use of many detailed diagrams and simple to understand text, how and why a watch works. The course is perfect for learning Wrist and Pocket watch repair.

Everything you'll need to know to do cleaning and general repairs on a watch with a minimum of tools is in this course. You'll learn in a few hours tons of hints, tips and tricks that took me years to learn through trial and error. Not only will you learn what to do but even more importantly I'll show you what not to do. The manual even has a chapter called "Business Tock" for those of you who might want to take advantage of the lucrative watch repair service market.

You'll find tons of great close-up shots throughout all of the Videos demonstrating everything from removing the movement from the case to the correct use of a staking set for many types of operations. Change mainsprings, cannon pinions, balance staffs, hairsprings, and much much more.

I also tell you where to go for parts, tools, and certain specialized services.

One mistake can easily cost far more than this Online course, and most of what I teach I learned through hard earned mistakes because I had no one to show me the few simple techniques that I demonstrate in these Videos. So if you think you might enjoy watch repair then please consider this course.

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How Much Is It?



How Much Is It?


How Much Is It?


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