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The amount of time that's necessary to learn this trade will vary depending on the amount of study and practice time you can devote to the course. With regular daily study and practice you will probably be supprised how fast you learn. Some people are able to completely disassemble, clean, reassemble and oil a watch within just a few days. Understanding the basics of how a watch works can be learned in a matter of a few days or less. Learning basic repair technique will also come very quickly. Watch repair also requires a certain amount of dexterity to perform these techniques confidently. This dexterity comes with practice. As you become more dextrous your speed will also increase. You will never learn all there is to know about this trade. Something new is learned with almost every watch repaired. This is one reason that watch repair is so fascinating.

Hello Bob...
     ..... Well I finally did it! With your help I managed to strip down this watch and more importantly, was able to diagnose the problem. We have a smashed cap jewel at the bottom of the balance staff and also a broken main spring so this watch has been through a heavy impact. I have a cap jewel replacement and have ordered a main spring from one of the supply companies over here. I think your DVD course is superb and it has given me the extra confidence that I needed to work on a pocket watch that I had been saving for a time when I was more skilled! Will keep you updated on how my new project is going but needless to say you have confirmed the fact that I will always love timepieces and the wonderful world of miniature enginnering.
                             Thanks Again,
Terry Ashworth.....United Kingdom

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