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"Just Received my set of videos yesterday. Haven't even seen them all but want to let you know I think you have done an excellent job with your videos and manual. Obviously this represents a terrific amount of work that you have done, and I hope you are successful in selling lots of them so you will be encouraged to do many more. Keep up the great work!"

Dave Lowe, IL. NAWCC#59232

"...A lot more in-depth than I ever expected. Your hands-on tool demonstrations were great. I'm now building a business buying and selling watch tools and movements."

Sowell Computer Service, Senatobia, MS. NAWCC Member

"I am a recent newcomer to the field of watch repair, and just recently received your video set on the subject. May I say I am extremely pleased with the videos and am eagerly looking forward to my first attempt at cleaning a pocketwatch. Your videos do a wonderful job of explaining and demonstrating the process, and truly do simplify what the books seem to complicate. I do realize practice is what gives the skill, but your videos give an encouragement as if you were right beside to help .......I would like to thank you again for creating this course and making it available to me. I hope that you have a file where you keep the names of your customers, for I most certainly want to have any new videos you make added to my library. Thank you again for your time and effort."

Ronald E Hosto, IL. NAWCC Member

"Thank you for such an excellent watch repair course! It has been 20+ years since I've worked on watches....... I have one heck of a lot of small tools, some of which I didn't know what they were until I went through your videos. I really admire your approach. It brought what little I knew back quickly and pointed out several of my weak spots.......Just want you to know that I am absolutely delighted with your course. Now I'll have to wait for your next videos so I can find out what those other small tools are!"

John (Jack) H. Hanny, AZ. NAWCC Member

"Definitely the best course on the market! I've gone through your videos over and over again these past two years. Anxiously looking forward to any new material you may produce in th future."

John Tyler, Regina, Sask. Canada NAWCC Member

"Well worth the money! Got a lot of information from it. Very enlightening."

Robert Clemont, CO. NAWCC Member

"Really great! I enjoyed it a lot. I've been taking a watch repair class for a while now. I took video lesson 1 to the school for the other students to use and they loved it!"

Chester Drozd, IL. NAWCC Member

"Great course! I've been buying and selling wrist watches for a few years now but have always had to pay watchmakers high prices to restore them for me, sometimes waiting several months to get them back. Just 5 days after receiving your course I successfully cleaned, oiled and repaired my first watch. I've done many since and am saving a bundle. Here's one satisfied customer!"

Harvey Allen, CA. NAWCC Member