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Bob Tasci...Who?

Hello Bob...
     ..... got the Clock Course tapes yesterday here in Windsor, Ontario Canada...I sat through them yesterday (including the longer but intriquing "Learn to Turn Lesson 1" tape) and found them to be just fantastic!!!...I can well understand now why you offer the "Money Back Gurantee" since no one in their right mind would take you up on 'it'...The course, I'm sure, will assist me a great deal in my clock collecting...hopefully I'll eventually be able to buy models of clocks that I want that are a little on the 'lame' side at substantially lower prices than they would have been in full running order...also, will be able to give the clocks in my collection a more thorough cleaning...myself!!!thanks!! so much... would be glad to submit a rousing affadavit of the Course from a very satisfied International subscriber to your learning Series should you want one... I'll be back to you for the entire Lathe Series... thanks again!!!"
                                                                                                              Regards! ;...        Jim Cope...Ontario, Canada

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